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Treatment Philosophy

Specialised treatment
At the Galatea Clinic we offer specialised treatment for doctors with problems with addiction (to alcohol or other substances) or with mental health problems (such as depression and anxiety).

Various studies demonstrate the benefits of our specialised treatments for doctors and healthcare professionals. These benefits are based on 3 pillars:

1.Confidenciality: Our guarantee of confidentiality, with a special personal data protection protocol, allows doctors to not fear being identified. This is one of the greatest barriers that doctors and other healthcare professionals encounter in seeking help.

2. Expertise of the therapy team in treating healthcare professionals with problems of addiction and/or mental disorders has resulted in an extremely high rate of adherence, trust and satisfaction with treatment.

3. Personal interaction with other peers being treated in the same environment and who suffer from problems with addiction and mental disorders, reduces feelings of shame and guilt and centres one's focus on recovery.

In short, the trust we generate through our our specialised treatments of addiction and mental disorders for healthcare professionals is necessary for recovery.

Comprehensive Treatment
At the Galatea Clinic we offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary and individualised treatment for each person who asks for our help.

Our addiction treatment programme is not limited to pharmacological detoxification. The other key element is intensive psychological treatment (both through group and individual sessions). We aim to help the patient live without the need for drugs, and to understand, on a psychological level, what the causes that lead to drug abuse were.

In patients with other mental health problems that are unrelated to addiction, we don't just offer evaluation and treatment with psychiatric medication, but also offer psychological treatment (both through group and individual sessions).

Following this comprehensive treatment approach, we also keep our patients' physical health in mind, offering an exhaustive physical exam with an internist, and activities that promote physical wellness: training workshops on healthy habits, gym, physical therapy, etc.

Whenever possible, we involve people closest to the patient (generally his/her family, parents, spouse, children, etc.) in the rehabilitation process. Therefore, when patients authorises us to, we maintain contact with their loved ones in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem and involve them in his/her therapeutic process.

This comprehensive treatment approach allows us to reach high rates of adherence and rehabilitation.

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