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All clinical stays are in individual rooms with private bath and all costs include room and board.

Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme

  • Cost: 350€/day.
  • Duration of treatement: 30 days.
  • Services include:
    • A complete evaluation: A psychiatric and psychological evaluation, a psycho-diagnostic and neuropsychological evaluation based on each individual case, a physical examination by an internist and basic supplementary tests (lab tests, a chest Xray and an ECG).
    • Detoxification Treatment: Pharmacological treatment of signs and symptoms of abstinence, supervision by a psychiatrist and an internist and personalised psychological and psychiatric treatment.
    • Abstinence Therapy: Group Intervention Programme, personalised psychiatric and psychological treatment, physical fitness and socialisation activities and treatment for family members and those close to the patient.
  • Objective of treatment: Beyond detoxification, we want the patient to learn to live again without additions and achieve true and lasting abstinence.

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Detoxification treatment for addictions

  • Cost: 350€/day.
  • Duration treatment: 14 days.
  • Services include: Pharmacological treatment of signs and symptoms of abstinence, supervision by a psychiatrist and an internist and personalised psychological and psychiatric support.
    Full room and board are included, with a private room and private bath
    The cost of prescription medication is not included.
  • Objective of treatment: this treatment ensures complete elimination of the addictive substance from the body. However, it does not include the necessary treatments for breaking the habit definitively.

Addictions – Complete Evaluation

  • Cost: 3.500€.
  • Duration of evaluation: 1 week.
  • Services include: A psychiatric evaluation, evaluation by a clinical psychologist, personalised treatment, psychometric and neuropsychological evaluations based on each individual case, an evaluation by an internist and supplementary tests based on the results of the physical exam.
  • Objective of evaluation: To have a complete diagnosis with which to begin the Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme or detoxification treatment.

Treatment of mental disorders

  • Cost: 350€.
  • Duration of treatment: From 30 to 60 days (depending on the characteristics of the patient and the disorder).
  • Services include: A psychiatric and psychological evaluation, designing of an Individual Therapeutic Plan, which combines personalised psychological and psychiatric therapy, group therapy and treatment for family members.
  • Objective of treatment: This Programme focusses on achieving the patient's functional recovery, both on the professional and personal levels.
NOTICE: These costs do not include the cost of prescription medication or that of additional tests.

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