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Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme

The most complete and effective treatment programme for addictions

This is a multidisciplinary inpatient Programme of approximately one month's duration.

The initial phase of our Programme includes an exhaustive medical and psychiatric evaluation, which allows our clinical team to design an Individualised Therapeutic Plan (PTI) that establishes pharmacological treatment for detoxification with an intensive group and individual psychotherapy approach. Our intervention with families and/or others who share the patient's daily environment, when appropriate, makes it complete.

Our multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, internists, nursing personnel-nurses and nursing assistants- and the physical therapist, all contribute to this treatment. During the entire process we follow each patient in a personalised fashion to ensure that we achieve the objectives established.

The Programme includes the following resources and treatments:

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  • Complete Evaluation

    There will be a complete psychiatric, psychological, psychometric and physical evaluation, the latter following the protocol provided by the Internist

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  • Detoxification Treatment

    Removal of the addictive substance through drug treatment for signs and symptoms of abstinence, with the supervision of a psychiatrist and an internist.

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  • Group Therapy for Addictions Programme

    Group intervention has shown advantages in addiction treatment, in achieving and maintaing abstinence. Identification with the group and learning based on the process and the experience of others helps consolidate change.

    This programme, which lasts approximately four weeks, is structured based on a weekly calendar of 2 group therapy sessions, 3 theoretical seminars on addiction-related issues, 3 practical sessions, 1 audiovisual session and other activities to favour the process of abstinence-.

  • Individualised Psychiatric Treatment

    Patients are assigned their own personal psychiatrist, who prescribes psychopharmacological treatment and follows their evolution during the entire process. He/she also coordinates all therapeutic measures applied.
  • Individual Psychotherapy

    Patients are assigned their own personal psychologist with whom they can identify. Through individual interviews organised throughout the therapeutic process, patients can identify the points to be addressed from a psychotherapeutic point of view.
  • Personalised Medical Treatment (Internist)

    The Internist collaborates on a daily basis with patients whose medical status requires it..
  • Promotion of Healthy Habits

    Once a week patients participate in an hour-long group psycho-educational activity, in which healthy living habits that can be affected by addictions are addressed: physical exercise, sleep patterns, eating, etc.
  • Socialisation Activities

    Before the week's end, a 60-minute meeting takes place to promote socialisation in one's day to day life and in one's free time in all group settings, in order to acquire an assertive style in communication and social skills.
  • Psychotherapy with written and audiovisual material

    Patients receive written material and participate at least once a week in a 2-hour audiovisual screening on addiction-related issues that are later discussed as a group.
  • Family Psychotherapy

    The patient's family and/or significant others are an essential part of the addiction rehabilitation process. Joint interviews are organised in order to inform them about how the therapeutic process is evolving and to discuss strong points and weak points that can interfere with it, from a broader perspective than a mere individual one.


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