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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the experience in treatment of sick doctors?

    There has been extensive international experience in outpatient treatment of sick doctors in English-speaking countries, but not specifically for inpatients. The Galatea Clinic has become specialised in treatment of sick doctors within a residential regime. In its 15 years of experience, more than 2,000 doctors have been treated, with a recovery rate of over 90%.
  • What advantages does treatment at the Galatea Clinic provide?

    The Galatea Clinic is the leading treatment centre for healthcare professionals. It offers confidential, comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment in an environment that promotes the user's overall rehabilitation. Our comprehensive therapy team has extensive experience in the treatment of addiction and mental disorders, with over 2,000 cases treated.
  • How is confidentiality guaranteed?

    The Galatea Clinic guarantees confidentiality of treatment of all patient records and data as per the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. In the case of healthcare professionals, fictitious surnames are appointed them in order to prevent identification by professionals treating them or other inpatients.
  • What type of treatments are carried out at the Galatea Clinic?

    At the Galatea Clinic we offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary and individualised treatment for all who ask for our help.

    Our addiction treatment program is not limited to pharmacological detoxification. Instead, one of its keys to success is intensive psychological treatment (both through group and individual therapy), in order to help the patient live without substances and examine what the psychological causes that lead to consumption are.

    In patients with other non-addiction-related mental health problems, we offer both psychiatric evaluation and treatment (with medication), and psychological treatment (through group and individual therapy).

    Following this comprehensive treatment approach, we also consider patients' physical wellbeing, with an exhaustive evaluation by an internist and physical activity (training sessions on healthy habits, sports, physical therapy, etc.).

    The comprehensive treatment approach has produced high levels of adherence and rehabilitation.

  • How long is the duration of stay?

    It is not possible to determine, a priori, the duration of an individual stay at our Clinic. Once the case has been evaluated by our professionals, an approximate figure can be given. In most cases, it is one month.
  • What disorders are treated at the Galatea Clinic?

    The Galatea Clinic offers highly specialised treatment for mental health problems and addictive behaviours with alcohol and/or other substances, including psychotropic drugs.
  • Does the Galatea Clinic have agreements with insurance agencies, professional associations or public entities?

    We have agreements with PAIME (Sick Doctor Treatment Programmes), RETORN (Sick Nurse Treatment Programme) and with other entities and institutions. Admission is also open to other healthcare professionals (pharmacists and veterinarians).
  • Is there an emergency service?

    No. All those admitted to the Programme have gone through a waiting list, which usually lasts no more than 5 days.
  • Are clinical evaluations performed?

    Yes. We make clinical evaluations in the outpatient regime as well as the inpatient one. When admission is necessary, the clinical evaluation takes at least 3 to 5 days.
  • Once treatment is over, what follow-up services are offered?

    Follow-up services can take place at the Clinic itself, but those living outside of Barcelona can be referred to trusted local professionals.
  • What kind of food is offered?

    We have our own kitchen and all meals are prepared in the Clinic itself. Menus can be adapted to each patient's needs, and are supervised by the doctor and the Nutrition Department. The menu normally includes two plates to choose from (first course, second course and dessert), and there is an à la carte option as well.
  • Can I go by car?

    Yes, but it is much better to come with public transportation because there is no public parking in the area.
  • Can my family visit me?

    Whenever possible, we involve the patient's loved ones (normally family) in the rehabilitation process. When patients authorise us to, we maintain contact with people who are close to them in their daily lives, in order to address their problem in a comprehensive way and involve them in the therapeutic process.
  • Do you accept international patients?

    Yes. We are prepared to receive patients from other countries. We can organise online interviews to prepare their stay and suit it to their needs. We have agreements with other medical centres outside Spain who refer sick healthcare professionals to us. We also have agreements with agencies to make their travel and stay easier for those interested.
  • What is the cost of admission to the Galatea Clinic?

    Professional associations (professional councils) that have an agreement with the Galatea Foundation will be dealt with based on the established conditions. Contact us for the information that best suits your case.

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