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At the Galatea Clinic we are aware that the fear of being identified is one of the main obstacles to seeking help for doctors with problems with addiction and/or other mental disorders.

For this reason, all treatments offered by the Galatea Clinic have 3 additional strategies to the guarantees of confidentiality already mandated by Spanish law:

1. Change of Name: right from the first interview we assign a fictitious name to our patients. Patients' real identity will only be known under the following conditions:

  a. By signed authorisation on behalf of the patient.
  b. In event of a risk to his/her physical health (if he/she needs to be transferred to different hospital from the Galatea Clinic in order for the illness to be treated).
  c. In case of physical risk to his/herself and/or others.
  d. By court order.

2. Clinical History: Patients provide their clinical history and the name of the person/people authorised, in writing, to receive information about their case.

3. Restricted Visits: Visits to the Clinic are absolutely restricted to those authorised by our patients.

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