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Complete Addiction Evaluation

The most accurate diagnosis is the best starting point for recovery.

The Galatea Clinic offers a diagnostic evaluation programme in which the patient's case is studied and a final report is drawn up with a diagnostics-oriented review and recommendations for therapy.

In order for the evaluation of the case to be complete, an initial clinical interview is done with each patient, in which reports on all treatment received up to the present are examined (for those who have sought treatment prior to this with other professionals) as well as hi/her general health status..

In order to guarantee that the information is as complete as possible, collaboration on behalf of one (or more) of the patient's loved ones will probably be necessary. They are given the chance to provide their version of the problem, thereby allowing the evaluation of the case to be as accurate as possible.

A complete evaluation usually requires more than one clinical interview in order to reach an accurate conclusion.

Besides individual interviews, the multidisciplinary evaluation of addictions that the Galatea Clinic offers includes the following elements:
  • Complete evaluation
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Evaluation by a clinical psychologistic
  • Group therapy programme for additions
  • Individualised psychiatric treatment
  • Psychometric and neuropsychological evaluation based on each individual case
  • Physical exam by an internist
  • Supplementary tests based on the results of the physical exam

Once the evaluation process has concluded, the patient will receive a complete report including a full diagnosis upon which Detoxifiaction treatment can be based, and which is especially useful for the Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme.

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