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  • Alcoholism has significant repercussions in people and in their environments, both in health and interpersonal and professional relationships. About 10% of the general population suffers from alcohol-related problems and the likelihood of suffering from an alcohol addiction syndrome is over 4%.

    Within the medical profession, alcoholism is at least as frequent as in the general population. In fact, in our sector 12.3% of male physicians and 7.9% of female physicians are at-risk drinkers, while at-risk drinking is lower in those of the same social and educational level in the general population, with 10.2% for men and 3.4% for women (Galatea Foundation, 2007).

    The use of alcohol as a “tranquillizer”and fear of asking for help when alcohol consumption has become a problem, further complicate approaches to this illness in doctors and other healthcare professionals. This makes specifically designed treatments for this group necessary, such as the one offered by the Galatea Clinic.

  • An addiction to alcohol (or alcoholism) is characterised by the need to drink to feel better or to avoid feeling badly.

    Warning signs are:
    - Neglect of daily responsibilities
    - Drinking in at-risk situations (while driving, at work, etc.)
    - Interpersonal problems caused by alcohol consumption
    - Drinking alcohol to reduce or eliminate signs or symptoms of abstinence
    - Loss of the capacity to control or stop consumption
    - Estrangement from other sources of pleasure
    - Inability to stop alcohol consumption despite knowing that it is harmful and wanting to stop

    Alcohol-related problems sometimes accompany other psychiatric pathologies, such as depression, and complicate their symptoms and prognosis.

  • The first step in confronting alcoholism is that the individual recognise that his/her alcohol consumption has become a problem.

    It has been demonstrated that alcoholism treatment in doctors in specialised environments, like the Galatea Clinic, obtains excellent results. This is observed both in terms of adherence and rehabilitation, with the vast majority of doctors who finish the Programme returning to their work activities and maintaining long term abstinence.

    Our treatments for alcoholism are:
    - Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme
    - Addiction Detoxification
    - Complete Addiction Evaluation

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