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What Our Patients Say

The authority in treatment of doctors

The Galatea Clinic is a centre for detoxication and treatment of drug addiction mental disorders that specialises in doctors and healthcare professionals. Our experience, with over 2,000 professionals treated, high levels of adherence to treatment and rehabilitation and our commitment to research, make us a leader in this specialised area of treatment on both the national and international level.

Our team is dedicated to providing easy access to the Galatea Clinic for those arriving from outside Spain. We organise your trip and lodgings on a personalised basis (as well as those of the person accompanying you, if needed), and help in obtaining visas, providing all the necessary assistance so that you may concentrate on your recovery.

At the Galatea Clinic we are aware that the fear of being identified is one of the main factors that prevent doctors who suffer from addiction and/or other mental disorders from seeking help. This is why we implement 3 additional strategies to guarantee confidentiality, in addition to those mandated by Spanish law.


Several studies have conformed that specialides treatments for doctors and healthcare professionals, like those offrered by the Galatea Clinic, succeed in reaching higher levels of adherence and rehabilitation than standard treatments.

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